A Message from GeminiJets President

Dear Customers,

In recent days, Airliners Distributing Inc. (ADI)/GeminiJets and its owners/employees have been accused of misleading and untruthful attacks from an on-line forum, which necessitates a response. Before we get into details, it must be understood that we do not support on-line venues like forums, where there are no facts, but mostly one-way criticisms. It is this reason that we stopped participating on these forums many years ago. As a manufacturer, you get pulled into arguments where you are backed into a no-win situation. Our time is much better spent doing what we do best and that is supplying the world with model airplanes. ADI and GeminiJets continue to grow with each passing year. Despite the negative comments, we will continue to be the market leader because we work hard at maintaining this position. At the same time, it also needs to be pointed out, that we are a small business that only employs five people. We are not the “Goliath” that we are made out to be and as a small business selling into a very niche market, it does not take much to affect our profits. These profits are what allow us to continue to develop new tooling and other projects that keep our customers happy. If profits drop and there is less money for research and development, then everyone loses.

As we enter our 20th year, we have had to adjust to an ever-changing market where brick and mortar stores are either closing or are faced with stiff competition from on-line retailers. These same on-line retailers are battling for the same business and we have done our best to keep things fair for everyone. Unfortunately, we have had some problems with certain retailers who have taken a much more aggressive approach to selling product by importing several brands that have zero licenses and violate trademark rules. Nobody likes the licensing game, but if ADI has to pay these fees, then everyone should have to pay them as well. Contrary to what these attacks on us claim, ADI and GeminiJets do not fear competition. What we fear in the market is the ever increasing competition of these unlicensed products. Every Quarter ADI pays out in excess of US$50,000.00 in royalty fees. Why should we be subject to paying these fees, while these certain retailers of illegal imports do not? When our company is placed at an unfair disadvantage, we have no choice but to take action especially when this practice is increasing in volume with each passing year. If the companies that owned these trademarks were more instrumental in enforcing their trademarks, we would not have to be writing these letters. For the most part, their enforcement is weak and it forces us to look like the “bad guys.” On the subject of licensing, it is impossible for us to license every product we offer. Many airlines and aircraft manufacturers do not have licensing programs in effect. We do our best to license as much product as we can, so that we are not circumventing trademark regulations. The products we import not only for GeminiJets, but for the other brands as well, are subject to licensing fees. The imported products these certain retailers bring to the market are not licensed and violate all trademarks.

Our business model at ADI and GeminiJets has always been to be fair with our prices. These same certain retailers do things very differently and they are in the “money grab” business by not only paying no licensing fees, but they run their businesses out of their homes where they can operate at lower costs and reduce their operating expenses substantially. These same perpetrators simply buy the stock they have orders for and repeat the process every month and carry minimal inventory. Some may feel that this is our problem. Well unfortunately, ADI and GeminiJets cannot be run from a home. As a manufacturer, we cannot operate like that. At ADI, we have full-time employees, a 10,000 square foot building for which we pay property taxes, insurance, utilities and other expenses. It is a real building with staff answering telephone calls, emails and one person devoted just to social media. In the unlikely event that ADI/GeminiJets and the few other authorized producers in this industry were to go away, and the industry was left in the hands of a few certain retail importers, you have my word, it would not be good for the industry and the hobby would suffer severely.

In closing, we do our best to listen to our customers, but we also need everyone to understand that we receive 100s of requests every week for model suggestions. By doing the math, it is impossible to grant every customer of our product, the item they want to see done. We use a balance of customer input, market activity, airline orders and trends in the airline industry to decide what our future production plans are. Accusations that we don’t take customer input seriously are very unfounded. As much as we would like to grant everyone’s request, it is impossible to do so.

We do not like to see disturbances like this in our hobby. The buying and collecting of model airplanes and the accessories that go with it, is supposed to be enjoyable. When it turns into a battle that this forum has irresponsibly brought to the forefront, it chases many customers away that are in this for their enjoyment and entertainment. When you turn the television on today, log onto your computer or go onto social media, there is more than enough bad news to ruin your day. We prefer not to see it in this hobby as well. Thank you all for your continued support and making GeminiJets what it is today.

Elliot Epstein

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